Our Focus

Rapid Commercial Loans specializes in small to large companies looking for $100k – $100MM for commercial bridge loans, commercial cash out loans or commercial refinances.

We can fund in 48 states excluding Hawaii and Alaska.


No Limit Cash Out

Typical bank Loans don’t allow you to take money out of commercial property loans. With our loans, there is no limit to the cash you can take from your loans.

No Ownership Seasoning

Get a loan based on the value of your property now – not when you purchased it.

Stated Income Accepted

Our loans work off of the money you make and not your tax returns.

No Cross Collateralization

Your assets are yours and Rapid Commercial Loans will never require you to include them in our loans.

No Loan Covenants

Bank loans often require detailed quarterly financials and tax returns to determine if they can call your note due early.

Close Quickly

With an average LOI to close time of 5 to 35 days, Rapid Commercial Loans gets you the money you need quickly and without hassle. No more waiting six months from your bank.

Flexible Credit Scores

We accept credit scores as low as 550 while most lenders require 700 or higher.

Affordable Rates

Banks may advertise rates between 4% and 5% but quickly end up between 6% and 8%. Our core program rates are 6% to 9% without the hassle of dealing with the bank.

True 30 Year Terms

While banks loans and SBAs often come with 5 to 10 year balloon payments to force you into a refinance, we offer true 30 year terms for a comfortable payback.